OptiMate Solar DUO 40W Travel Kit, TM522-D4TK, 6-step 12V / 12.8V 3.33A sealed solar battery saving charger & maintainer


OptiMate Solar DUO 40W, the smart sun powered charger & maintainer for the ‘12V’ battery in your car, boat and RV or portable camping battery.
• Ideal for 12V lead-acid / 12.8V lithium batteries.
• The adjustable rear• stand allows placement in the sun for maximum charge.
• The smart charge controller’s fully automatic multi-step program brings the battery safely to full charge and maintains it 24/7 – Charger by day, Indicates battery charge level by night!
• OptiMate Solar DUO 40W does the rest, no supervision required!
• The travel kit includes premium quality components 1) storage bag 2) polycrystalline solar panel, with adjustable rear• stand! 3) OptiMate Solar DUO controller 4) O-04 battery clips 5) O-01 battery lead – for the complete solar charging experience!

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Solar Panel:
POWER: 40 Watts (max.).
VOLTS:12V / 12.8V.
USE: Outdoor.
STYLE: Weatherproof – polycrystalline, aluminium frame with 4 x mounting brackets, output cable 80″ with SAE connector.
Adjustable Stand: Width: 27” Height: 16.6”.
Adjusts panel to the most suitable angle for maximum solar power. Securing panel in position – 4 anchor points fit standard pegs / stakes (not included), or place a weight (e.g. sandbag) over the crossbar.

OptiMate Charge Controller:
CHARGING AMPS: 3.33A from 40W panel (max. average current), 3-5A pulse current
USE: Indoor / Outdoor (lowest temperature: -40°F ).
SAVE: Low Volt Start of 4V.
IDEAL FOR: STD, AGM & GEL 12V batteries from 2 – 240Ah and Lithium LFP 12.8V / 13.2V batteries.
INPUT: 15 – 22V.
STYLE: Weatherproof charge controller case.
INCLUDED: Weatherproof battery lead, standard battery clip set, 40W solar panel, adjustable stand & nylon storage case.