OptiMate Solar DUO 20W Vehicle Maintenance Kit, TM522-D2TK, 6-step 12V / 12.8V 1.67A sealed solar battery saving charger & maintainer


OptiMate Solar DUO 20W, the smart sun powered charger & maintainer for the ‘12V’ batteries in your Car , Truck and Boat.
• Charges 12V lead-acid and 12.8V lithium (LFP) batteries.
• Includes suction mounts for easy mounting on the windshield of your vehicle.
• Connect to your battery with included clips, or use the fused battery lead that can be permanently attached to your battery. Or use the optional OBDII adapter (O-37).
• The smart charge controller’s fully automatic multi-step program brings the battery safely to full charge and maintains it 24/7 – Charger by day, Indicates battery charge level by night!
• Connect to the battery and OptiMate Solar DUO 20W does the rest, no supervision required!
• Guaranteed longer battery life and more battery power!
The vehicle maintenance kit includes premium quality components 1) storage bag 2) polycrystalline solar panel 3) suction mounts for window 4) OptiMate Solar DUO controller 5) O-04 battery clips 6) O-01 battery lead – for the complete solar charging experience!

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Solar Panel:
POWER: 20 Watts (max.).
VOLTS: 12V / 12.8V
USE: Outdoor.
STYLE: Weatherproof – polycrystalline, aluminium frame with 4 x mounting brackets, output cable 80″ with SAE connector.

OptiMate Charge Controller:
CHARGING AMPS: 1.67A from 20W panel (max. average current), 3-5A pulse current.
USE: Indoor / Outdoor (lowest temperature: -40°F).
SAVE: Low Volt Start of 4V.
IDEAL FOR: STD, AGM & GEL 12V batteries from 2 – 240Ah and Lithium LFP 12.8V / 13.2V batteries
INPUT: 15 – 22V.
STYLE: Weatherproof charge controller case.
INCLUDED: Weatherproof battery lead, standard battery clip set, 20W solar panel, 4x suction mounts for window & nylon storage case.