The New Capit Full Control tyrewarmers have been developed directly from the MotoGP world, and they are now proposed also to non-professional and amateurs riders.

This top-of-the-line Capit tyrewarmer provides extremely high performance and heats not only the tyre and its shoulder but also the wheel rim, allowing an amazing and unrivalled grip during the first laps.

FRONT 115-120-125/17” REAR >200/55/17”

Earn up to 1,699 Points. More Info.

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    • Teflon heating cable with radial disposition which reduces heating time and provides a homogeneous heat distribution
    • Adjustable heating system from 30°C to 120°C (104-250°F)
    • Special outside coating impermeable to any liquid
    • Wear and fire resistant inner lining
    • Rubber power cable resistant up to 200°C (212°F)
    • Velcro closure towards the rim
    • Internal heat spreader fabric (highly conductive fabric made of specific noble alloys) which perfectly radiates the heat
    • Vision Pro temperature control and regulation system installed directly on the thermal blanket
    • Spherical shape: a special textile construction that makes possible to perfectly follow the tyre shape and to cover the shoulders of the tyre more extensively
    • Heating of both front and rear rims in proportion to the temperature set for the tyre (using Velcro)
    • Power absorption per single tyre: size M 400 watt – size XL 700 watt – size XXL 900 watt

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