Arai Signet-X Full-Face Helmet Oriental-2 Black, Blue, Red, Yellow


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Improved glance off ability A smooth shell is key to a helmet’s ability to slide across a surface or Glance Off an obstacle during an impact. Arai’s VAS shield system lowers the pivot point by an average of 24mm, making the shell surface area in the critical temple area much smoother and better able to reduce impact energy getting into the helmet. QVF and QVR intake/exhaust ducts The Signet-X features QVF three-position intake and QVR exhaust ducts for excellent air intake and exhaust performance when riding. Even when the front shutter is closed on the top duct, a side vent still serves as an exhaust vent. FCS®cheek pads The contoured shape – combined with multiple layers of varying foam densities supported by a foam “spring” – cradles the face like nothing that has ever come before, even from Arai. The spring makes on-off easier, while helping to block even more wind noise. Long oval fit package The Signet-X’s longer interior shape is specifically designed for riders whose helmets can cause painful forehead hotspots due to interior shapes that aren’t made to fit their longish oval heads.

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